Motocross MX Photo Package - Steve


$145.  2 hour session.

Close-ups, Front shot Corner loops, jumps, whips, portrait still shot on top of the mound, wheelies, motion blur. Sunny or partly cloudy early days are the best.

Freezing a front shot just before a turn, sun is behind you, bikes leaning a bit, dry dirt being kicked up behind the bike can look spectacular at low sun.

Front shot, coming out of a corner turn, your brightly lit by the sun, bike is leaning , kicking up mud from behind. Freezing this shot can also be spectacular.

Portrait still shot on top of one of the dirt mounds, background can be a blue sky or cloudy, either can look powerful.

Motion blur shots are simply fascinating, Just looking at the photograph will give you the sense of speed and motion.

Photographs are taken during normal business hours at Dirtfarm.

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