About Me - Steve

Steve Royer is a freelance photographer, editor and videographer living in Southeast Georgia but originally from New England. After high school, he honorably served in the U.S. Navy and retired from Lockheed Martin Space Systems. When he isn’t glued to his camera or computer, he spends time working on DIY home projects.

Steve has considerable knowledge of photography and filmmaking which he self-learned and by assisting local cinematographers and Directors during their filmmaking. His most recent film was called, “Trapped” which won an Official selection award during an annual Film fest and the privilege of assisting in the making of films, such as: “Requiem the man who wanted too much”, “Preserve”, “Riverview”, “TimeZup” and a rock music video called “Flashback” by the Goodfires.

Some of Steve’s photographs have been published in local magazines and websites. His most recent photography project took him to southwest Arizona and Utah, where he put his landscape photography skills and patience to the test.

You can reach Steve by clicking on the contact button at the top of page.

" Capturing and creating life's changing moments of time,

bring it to life and put it into existence to share with you."