About Me - Steve

Living in a small community in Southeast Georgia is not only a breath of fresh air, but  no ice and snow !Warm weather year round means enjoying more outside, no big traffic problems, a dog could walk safely across the street almost anywhere. Its a small growing community that is shared with the US Military. Having over 20 years of experience with R/C aircraft (BTW, I'm still an amateur at it) I was able to develop a new profound interest in photography. I didn't find it to hard to attach the original gopro camera to a FPV quadcopter or a glider back in  2010 which allowed me to become more interested in ground photography, yep, we were flying drones back then before the general public took notice. After buying my first DSLR, I became connected right away and started learning, still learning.  Using Lightroom 5 for editing, I personally find that it makes a noticeable difference with editing of different pictures.  All of my learning stems from reading and practicing, mistakes and failures, go back and do it again Learning just never stops because I seek more. I also enjoy macro, astro and nature photography. If you have a photography need or a question, contact me in the above link.

Thanks for taking time to check out my galleries. They could be a  great way to add some visionary accents to any room in your home,  office, waiting rooms, hallways, etc.

" Capture and create life's changing moments of time,

bring it to life and put it into existence to share with you."